Metzco Rope Ladder

Rope Ladders do not seem part of the security arsenal, but what do you do if you are caught in an upper floor situation?

Remember, the law states categorically that you must provide safe egress from your building (See our SAFETY Page for more info)

Escape ladders are in short supply, not only in the market but also in the mind.

Most of us give little attention to rope ladders, which is an often overlooked, but vital piece of security equipment.

Emergency Escape Rope Ladders

We are internationally recognized by many industries as the leaders in the rope ladder manufacturing field.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Metzco was proud to supply Pinewood Studios UK with our specialized webbing rope ladders for their incredible nail-biting scene in the beginning of the film...

Watch and find out if the technician is able to get away from the ferocious T-Rex and to the safety of the helicopter rope ladder

Metzco Rope Ladder's

New Feature

Our Rope Ladders can now be manufactured to link up together and form one long ladder made out of smaller ones.

We have formulated a new finishing and leader system allowing you to extend our Metzco Rope Ladder to whatever length you require while also being able to remove the extension.

Most of us give little attention to a rope ladder, not to mention one that can link up to another one, which is perfect for many industries including the mining industry where they are continuously digging further and further down into the ground

Many wise and forward-thinking people are installing these rope ladders as a means for ensuring escape in time of emergency!!

These ladders could be mounted in high-rise buildings so as to afford escape, even from a 20 story sky-scraper.

Metzco rope ladders are recommended by highly reputable architects in Sandton Johannesburg as well as in many countries worldwide.

Do you really want more recommendation?

Feel safe and secure when you order the tried, tested, certified and highly recommended METZCO "Rope" Ladders!!


We manufacture to order with exceptional quality for Film Directors, International Oil Rigs, Mining Sites, Flight Simulation Manufacturers and many other International Industries.


METZCO Rope Ladders Manufactures:

  • Aluminium Rope Ladders
  • Glass Fibre Rope Ladders
  • Wire/Steel Rope Ladders
  • Chain Rope Ladders

Also Available:

  • Certified Safety Carabiners
  • Safety Rope Grabs
  • Safety Rope
  • Safety Snaphooks
  • Safety Harnesses
  • METZCO Sling Sets
  • Spacer Wheels
  • Spacer Bar
  • METZCO Webbing Handles
  • METZCO Interlinking Rope Ladders


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