What to Expect From Frylow

Extend Oil Life up to 400%
Better Tasting, Healthier Food
Less Environmental Waste
Up to 20% Less Calories
Lower Utility Usage
Reduce Cooking Time up to 15%
Deep Fry at Lower Temperatures
5 Year Warranty

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We are the sole distributors for Frylow South Africa,
“The industry leader in deep frying technology.”

Our promise to our clients is to reduce the operating cost of your deep fryer by up to 60% while improving the quality of your deep-fried foods.
We are dedicated to providing top quality products with great customer service with a proven track record of saving you money and increasing your profits.

We are proud to announce that we have been appointed the sole South African distributors for Frylow the worlds most advanced means of turning ordinary cooking oil into a new type of oil that delivers spectacular results in food quality whilst extending the healthy, working life of oil to double that of ordinary oil, whether, palm or sunflower or other cooking oils, they all benefit from this exceptional new technology.

Be sure to check out the YouTube video clip demonstration here about the amazing Dark Oil Demonstration